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The whole area is set within beautiful gardens and is surrounded by a game park full of old trees. There you will find not only precious and protected rare old trees, magical nooks with singing birds, including domesticated peacocks, but also restored historical buildings and you can easily go back in time and let yourself be enchanted


Grounds Grounds

New Chateau

New Chateau New Chateau

The Chinese pavilion

The Chinese pavilion The Chinese pavilion

Chapel of the Holy Trinity

Chapel of the Holy Trinity Chapel of the Holy Trinity

The Old Chateau

The Old Chateau The Old Chateau

Bon Repos offers perfect privacy surrounded by nature and an exclusive opportunity for your event. The chateau was built by Count Frantisek Antonin Spork, the most outstanding personality of Czech Baroque, at the beginning of the 18th century as a summer residence for meditation and hunting birds. He himself said about it:

"Here is Bon Repos, where peace you will find,
And from worldly worries you can unwind.
Look no further : pleasure from catching birds
And joy in your heart from every visit."

Founder of Bon Repos František Antonín hrabě Špork, 1726

Chateau Bon Repos is a magical place surrounded by woods and very near to Prague, which offers complete privacy for your event. Count František Antonín Špork created it as a place to meditate, and aptly named it "Bon Repos".The peace permeates all the buildings within the complex - the beautiful park and all the buildings that are cultural and historical monuments. The New Zamek, the Old Zamek, the Chinese Pavilion and the Chapel of the Holy Trinity. The current owner has restored these historic buildings to give you a peek back into a history. The whole area is often used by film production companies to shoot films and commercials. Weddings can taking place throughout the year. Guided tours can be organised at any time upon request.

The history of the Zamek Bon Repos complex begins in 1726, when Count Spork on the hill of Čihadla built a house to relax and meditate. Having completed the hunting lodge and the Chapel of St. Jerome, he made a building for the monks, and also a pyramid, where the monks prayed for the sins of the Count. Since the Count Spork was quarrelsome and not overly friendly, he would come here to meditate, relax or hunt birds. After his death the complex remained shuttered for thirty years until the Prague Archbishop Příchovský bought it at auction. And as a lover of art and architecture he made big changes to the whole area. Instead of the Chapel of St. Jerome he built a New Chateau, he joined the building for monks with Špork´s hunting lodge. and built a unique stand-alone Chinese Pavilion. There have been many owners and interesting personalities living at Bon Repos, including the Czech famous composer Bedrich Smetana. Last but not least there was the Czechoslavak Socialist army here for more then fifty years after the second world war. It has taken 12 years of restoration to bring it back to its former beauty.

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